Giant Project: Stantiverse! Join Me, and Together, We Will Rule the Stantiverse…

The new project is Stantiverse (Litoreverse?), a massive art book that brings together all the art that has been commissioned for and has illustrated my books (including work by Lauren K. Cannon, Roberto Calas, Danielle Tunstall, Siku, and others), as well as excerpts from each story and some essays. Stantiverse provides a visual and verbal tour through my various worlds, a stunningly designed odyssey that takes you from cylindrical space stations on which young athletes race tyrannosaurs, to far planets where vegetable people drink sunlight, to the deeps of time when our ancestors fought the zombie hordes.
My hope is to fund the design and creation of the book, as well as commission additional artwork from a more diverse array of artists. If you’d like to be part of the project (and get a copy of the book next year) join me here: We just need 58 Patreon members subscribing at $20/month, and this project will be fully funded.

I read this yesterday in Catherine Madsen’s essay about Barry Moser’s illustrated King James Bible, which was an entirely patronage-funded project (and one that could never have existed without four years of extensive patronage):

“The best patronage opens a crack in the world through which something that had not existed could escape the high pressure of oblivion on the other side and pour itself into existence.”

That is what we hope to do here. All Patreon members who subscribe at $20/month or more will receive a copy of the finished book (and some beautiful prints). Right now, my plan is to release the book in June 2017 (and I have a history of releasing things on time) — but of course, first we have to fund it!
*Vader voice* Join me, and together we will rule the Stantiverse as author and patrons!

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