Dear World Fantasy Convention, Get Your Act Together


OK, my one irritated post for the day–as both a SF/F writer and fan, and as a dad with a daughter in a wheelchair: World Fantasy Convention, seriously, get your act together. Almost every other major con (and most small ones) have a clear and coherent harassment policy and a clear and coherent accessibility policy. You can too. It’s not hard. At the very least, don’t be so snarky to people who are asking about it. Seriously.

SF/F writers and fans imagined motorized wheelchairs (flying ones, too) before any wheelchairs existed; ditto hearing aids, cyber-eyes, Star Trek VISORs, gene treatments, nanotechnological engineering, and many other enhancements and aids that we have now or hope to someday. Meaning: this fan base, above all others, expects you to get your act together and recognize that some of your fans need to be assured that they’ll be able to get their wheelchair into your rooms before plunking down cash to come to your con, and that they might expect to be treated with respect, rather than arrogance, when they ask if they’ll be able to. Seriously. Get it together.

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