Happy New Year from Stant Litore


2015 was a good year! Good for my daughters, good for my books. Inara has had a year free of seizures and has picked up skills at a rate I can hardly believe. And I crunched the numbers on my books: December was a good month. My first year as a published novelist, I sold about 13,000 books, and I have sold about 7,000 books per year, each year since; I suppose that makes me a moderate, solid-sized fish in the small pond, or a plump minnow in the big pond. It means a growing community of readers and a little inflow of cash. I am happy. I think 2016 is going to be the record year.

And I am delighted to be able to say that, via December book sales, we raised $415 to support the youth literacy efforts of Grey Havens YA in Colorado! I love this group and everything they’re doing, and am very glad to be able to chip in a little to help. Theirs is a shoestring budget, and they can make a few hundred dollars go a very long way. This amount will probably cover books and supplies for their efforts this year. Thank you, everyone who bought a copy of my Zombie Bible digital box set — you helped!

If you call Colorado home, I definitely recommend checking them out. They do a shocking amount of good work and good programs with very few resources, and I admire them fiercely: http://greyhavensya.com/support-grey-havens-ya/testimonials/

Thank you Kelly Cowling​, Robyn Bosica​, and Seal Whiskerson​ for letting me participate in your work in this way!

Testimonials about the group:

From a parent: “[My child] has thrived since being in GHYA. For the first time, she has made friends and loves going. She has fun, but she also stimulates her cognitive and creative sides. She learns and she is interested in learning. She gets ideas and puts them to use. This group has been a lifesaver for us.”

From a teen member: “I would be so lost without my YA family. I am very thankful this group came to Longmont. I wish every town had a group like this one where young people can connect over a good book or shared fandom in an open way. Grey Havens has helped me to grow into a more confident person. I am more open to talking with other people and not afraid to share my voice about my interests, hobbies or even social issues affecting young people.”

GHYA, keep up the amazing work in 2016!

Stant Litore

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