In the Year 2447…



(by our Western calendar), something terrifying will happen to humanity — something more chilling and unexpected than any horror movie you have ever seen, any nightmare you have ever had. In 2447. That doesn’t give us much time, in historical terms. We all need to hear Ansible 15715’s warning now and get the word out while there’s still a chance.

Ansible 15715

Ansible 15715’s story is just one of the books I’ve been able to bring you with the help of my Patreon community.

Here’s another.


On a far future space station, once each year, nano-engineered young women run genetically engineered tyrannosaurs in a race as brutal and bloody as any witnessed in the Roman Circus 3,000 years before.

Egret thinks she is ready for this day. She has been brainwashed for it, trained for it, shaped and reshaped into a sacrificial model of beauty for the entertainment of millions. Her world is one of strict regimen and fierce competition, one in which others can only be competitors or worshippers, never friends, where lack of perfection is punished by burial beneath the red sands and the thundering feet of tyrannosaurs.

But Egret can’t imagine how this day might change her. How the scream of a tyrannosaur and the cries of the other sacrifices running beside her might break open the steel surface of her world.

It is not a day you will ever forget.

The Running of the Tyrannosaurs

The production of The Running of the Tyrannosaurs was entirely funded through Patreon, and my Patreon members were the first to read and comment on the story.

Patreon is a crowdfunding community (started several years ago) used primarily by musicians — such as a capella artist Peter Hollens — and some independent visual artists. I’ve found it to be wonderful too, in part because for me storytelling is a communal act… So I have launched a grand experiment, and 65 wonderful people have joined me in it. Come hear the rest of the story and explore my Patreon community here.

Stant Litore

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