Help Me Send Books to Troubled Teens: We’re 1/3 of the Way There!


Making great progress toward this goal! And I’d like to ask for your help. The cause is very worthy: we’re going to send books to a school for troubled teens. Here’s the story behind the project, in four quick chapters:

1. A few years ago, I wrote a novel set in second-century Rome, about ex-slaves and the impoverished in the Subura (Rome’s abject ghetto) finding new hope and new lives. It is a story about unstoppable hope.

2. I’ve been invited to speak about unstoppable hope at a school for troubled teens in Atlanta, GA in January. My way there is paid.

3. I’m arranging to buy and ship copies of the book to the school for the teens. I really hope my talk and this story might inspire and give them a few words to heal old wounds (or to begin healing old wounds). Powerful stories can reach people in dark places; stories are one of the few things that can. And these teens… their stories are the stories from that novel. Some have been abused; one young woman was prostituted by her boyfriend; some have made bad choices and have been incarcerated previously and now wear ankle bracelets; all are trying to build new lives, trying to find some new way to define the stories of their lives. In tandem with my appearance at the school, my publisher has generously agreed to send 50 copies of the book, and I’m now trying to raise funding to send more copies. I have an author’s discount, so I can stretch the dollars farther than most, but it still adds up.

Advancing Youth's Academy, Inc

4. I fund most of my creative work through my Patreon membership (, and I am devoting all new pledges added between Oct 1 – Dec 31 to sending books to the Advancing Youth’s Academy.

You can sign on and change your pledge or depart at any time. Of course, I’m secretly hopeful that many of you will explore my creations on Patreon and stick around — it’s a really wonderful membership. But you’re also welcome just to sign on for two months to support this current effort and then poof! I’d just like your help grabbing and shipping these books. Together, we can do something wonderful for a group of teens who are earnest about reshaping their lives but whom society has all but forgotten.

You can read all about what I’m doing and why…at this page, on the left:

If you are so moved, I’d be glad to have your help.

Thanks in advance! You all rock.

Stant Litore

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