God is Also Our Mother: Zombie Bible Quote #97


An old prophetess tells young Devora the following, in Strangers in the Land

“You have seen how God is a father who burns away what threatens his children, and you and I have felt his heat. But God is also our mother. As a woman, I know this. That her heart is a deep, deep lake dousing all wrath and flame. That she kisses us when we are born. Quickens new life within us when we have become women. God made both Adam and Eve, both in God’s likeness. And if this is true, Devora, what I tell you, what Miriam who was navi when I was a girl told me, then God who is like our mother and has compassion will forgive us the evils we cannot avoid and the lives we cannot save.”

Strangers in the Land

Litore_SITLWelcome to Episode #97 of my countdown of 101 quotes from The Zombie Bible. This passage is from a retelling of a tale from the book of Judges. If you haven’t read it, I hope you will check it out!

At the end of this countdown will be the release of I Will Hold My Death Closea Zombie Bible novella.

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