The Crisis of the Walking Dead: Zombie Bible Quote #101


The crisis created by an outbreak of the walking dead offers a telling diagnostic of those flaws in the human condition that resurface, century upon century: our tendency to let problems fester untended until they become crises, our frequent inability to work together for a common good, our quickness to forget the lessons our grandparents learned at the cost of much sweat and blood, and the extent to which our privileged classes ignore and deny responsibility for the plight of the impoverished and the disinherited. Our ancestors often described the attacks of the hungry dead as acts of either divine retribution or divine abandonment in utter grief at human evil, and in at least one respect they may have been correct: the rapid rise of an outbreak is nearly always a consequence of our own failings.

Death Has Come Up into Our Windows

I’m launching a countdown of 101 quotes from The Zombie Bible. Here is Quote #101.

At the end of the countdown will be the kindle release of I Will Hold My Death Close, a Zombie Bible novella! There are a few more than 101 days to go to that end-of-August release, and I may not be able to post a quote every day. But when I hit Quote #1, the novella will be out!

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