Release Day: No Lasting Burial from Stant Litore


Share the word! Big day today! NO LASTING BURIAL is now officially out, worldwide, in paperback, audiobook, and kindle! Very proud of this novel — it was ambitious, it was extremely risky, and it worked.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet for where you can find it:

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What readers are saying about it:

NLB“This book reads like a runaway express train.” – Timothy Widman

“His characters are so real, so full of vitality that you KNOW them. Intimately.” – The Eclectic Bookworm

“It was inevitable that at some point in a series called ‘The Zombie Bible,’ which imagines zombies as a part of everyday life in Bible times, the subject would turn to Jesus, who both raised someone from the dead and was himself raised from the dead. It was bound to happen, but at the same time that’s no easy feat. How do you portray Jesus’s interaction with the living dead in a way that’s neither overly preachy nor some schlocky ‘Jesus versus zombies’ gimmick?

“Author Stant Litore took that risk in No Lasting Burial, the fourth novel in his Zombie Bible series, and in the process has delivered a truly unforgettable story. He basically gives us two overlapping events here – a small fishing town dealing with the aftermath of a zombie outbreak that devastated their lives in a profound way, and the story of how Jesus met his earliest disciples. Both stories are equally powerful, for very different reasons. Here is a town with a decimated population, literally starving to death, and with everyone carrying either (or both) physical or mental wounds, struggling with how to survive, how to treat outsiders, and how to treat each other. Then there’s a stranger who draws the dead to him like moths to a bonfire, and who possesses powers and visions from God. It’s fascinating, even to a jaded atheist such as myself, to see how these fragile beings all come together to start something that will change the world.” – Justin Gaines

The novel has been available in kindle for a little while, but now is available as a paperback and an audiobook, too. I hope you’ll help me spread the word about No Lasting Burial!

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