Christianity and Fantasy: A Live Video Chat


I was recently invited to a panel of novelists whose work all engages in different ways with Christianity — we had a fascinating, entertaining, at times contentious, and frequently enlightening discussion of how, for each of us, our religious tradition informs our writing of fantasy novels. From the talk:

at 32 minutes: “Whatever message or messages are in your story, those come from the story; the story doesn’t come from the message.”

at 55 minutes: “Fantasy novels allow us to explore the wonder and fear that is our two-sided, instinctive response to encountering something different, something that seems really strange to us. Do we draw back in fear, or do we draw near in wonder?”

More here — the echo disappears about twelve minutes in:

Here are the sites belonging to the other participants:

Thea van Diepen:
Mike Duran:
Carmen Rane Hudson:
Emily Casey:

Stant Litore

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