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This eagerly awaited, novel-length sequel to The Running of the Tyrannosaurs will be set on the Conservatory World you glimpsed in the first story, featuring a different athlete. And there will be tyrannosaurs! Projected release date for Tyrannosaurs in the Sky: early summer 2017. A shorter tale set in this same universe will appear in the forthcoming anthology Jurassic Chronicles.

One woman will lead thousands of refugees from zombie-infested Rome. This novel will be hundreds of pages and will have an epic scope. 500 pages complete so far, deep into drafting. Here’s an excerpt from the (very) rough draft:

They had stumbled out of Rome and into some part of the dream country that was inhabited by the screams of the living and the dead and the crack of baking stone, where fire cut them off from one street and men ran from that alley into their midst with flames in their hair and their skin melting like butter, to collapse choking and shrieking; where the sky was no longer open as God’s heart but had become instead a heavy blanket rank with fumes and weighted, weighing them down to the earth, where the very air had become a poison, where there was neither breath nor hope but only cries of prayer and the need to go on, to go on, to get some of these people, please God some of these people, out of the fire and death. Regina no longer recognized any of the streets or buildings around her, though she had lived in this place for years; all of them were translated into monsters of soot, pouring smoke from the mouths of their windows. Men and women ran past her, and she tried to grab them, stop them. “Not that way! Not that way!” she’d cry, but few listened, only the few who saw her face, who knew who she was, who were not blind with panic.

If you have read What Our Eyes Have Witnessed, then you have read the prequel to this novel. By a Slender Thread is Regina’s story. Projected release date for By a Slender Thread: May 2018.

Author TL Morganfield (The Bone Flower Throne) and I are in the early drafting stages of a collaboration that will take place in the Zombie Bible universe, in the time of the fall of Moctezuma.

This is a steampunk novella I am working on intermittently. It is still in its very early stages; I will post updates as I learn more.

Yes! There will be a third season. I am sketching out key scenes now, and I expect to be able to work more intensively on the project after Tyrannosaurs in the Sky is released.


There are a lot of recipes cooking on my writerly stove, and I often have to duck away and leave some simmering while I tend to my daughter Inara’s medical challenges. If you are a fan of my fiction and would like to support my upcoming projects, please consider joining my Patreon membership! As a member, you’ll get several sneak previews every month of what I’m working on, and you’ll be the first to be updated about new projects. And, rather than buy individual stories, you get them all as part of your membership, and you get to join us in redefining what it means to live and work as a writer in the 21st century!

I hope to see you over there at Patreon! And I look forward to sharing my next story with you!

Yours in truth and fiction,

Stant Litore

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