Cover Reveal! No Lasting Burial




The cover is by Jeroen ten Berge.

Here’s what No Lasting Burial is about:

A first-century Israeli village lies ruined after zombies devour most of the coastal community. In their grief, the villagers threw the dead into the Sea of Galilee, not suspecting that this act would poison the fish and starve the few survivors on land.

Yeshua hears their hunger. He hears the moans of the living and the dead, like screaming in his ears. Desperate to respond, he calls up the fish.

Just one thing:

The dead are called up, too.

No Lasting Burial ushers readers into a vivid and visceral re-interpretation of the Gospel of Luke and the legend of the Harrowing of Hell. The hungry dead will rise and walk, and readers may never look at these stories the same way again.

I hope you’ll order your copy and join me for this unique foray into the New Testament and zombie horror. No Lasting Burial will be released in nine weekly episodes as a Kindle Serial in the U.S., starting next Tuesday. After the Serial, 47North will release paperback and audiobook editions in addition to the kindle edition.

Note about the artist: Jeroen ten Berge is the same artist who did the cover for The Dark Need. I have always admired Jeroen’s covers, and am grateful that my publisher reached out to him for this novel.

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